About us

About us and ALPIN8

ALPIN8 is the alpine challenge of hiking 8848 meters of altitude uphill under your own power. It sounds crazy, but we know from our own experience:

It can be done. And we want to make that possible for you!

We are Flores and Saskia. Originally met while mountain biking, in 2021 we did an Everesting together on foot on Freiburg’s Schauinsland. In a total of 28 hours we have hiked over 8848 meters of altitude uphill. The experience was simply incredible and we have been reminding ourselves every day since then what we are truly capable of.


Our own Everesting has changed us. We have become more self-confident, believe in what is inside us. With ALPIN8, we would like to make this experience possible for other people as well.

Why? Because we believe that our personal growth is greatest where it is uncomfortable. There is so much more in each and every one of us than we even realize. We want to help you discover these hidden reserves of strength. Your tenacity, your perseverance, your absolute will. 

ALPIN8 takes you to your physical and mental limits. And it is this experience that you will grow from.

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