1 mountain | 36 hours | 8848 vertical meters

Your personal Mount Everest

ALPIN8 2024

Here you will find all the important information about the 2024 event. Everything else will follow in the on-site briefing on June 21, 2024.

ALPIN8 2025

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The gondola brings you 36 hours in a row after each ascent safely back down – even at night.

ALPIN8 is an exclusive event. A unique atmosphere and a limit of only 250 participants await you.

The best snacks, drinks and relaxation are waiting for you at our Summit Camp and at the refreshment stations.

ALPIN8 Anmeldung Komperdell Stöcke sichern



Yes, the Everesting challenge is physically tough, but whether you make it or not is not decided in your legs, but in your mind. With the right attitude, you can do it!



You can do so much more than you give yourself credit for! Go to your limit and you will get to know yourself anew.
Who will you be at the end of Everest?



ALPIN8 is not a competition against others. You’re only competing against yourself. For this reason, there’s no competition, but you become part of a community.

Quick Facts

Finish: 8848 meters of altitude on foot
Date: June 21 to 23, 2024 – Solstice and full moon on one weekend!
Location: Brandnertal, Austria – impressive alpine scenery
Participants: personal atmosphere with max. 250 participants
Ascents: 17x you walk up the mountain and take the gondola down again
Ticket: 599,00 Euro

An experience that will enrich your life!

June 21, 2024
Briefing & Get-together

Welcome to ALPIN8 Everesting! An event you’ll be telling your great-grandchildren about. Meet the other participants, get caught up in the excited anticipation and get some final tips for the challenge of a lifetime!

June 22, 2024

Early in the morning we start. Then run the 36 hours and in front of you are 8848 meters of altitude. You decide how fast you run. You decide how long you take a break. You decide how far you go.

We support you in this. With snacks, drinks, our Blackroll Recovery Zone and lots of positive vibes.

When the sun sets in the evening, a whole new experience begins.

June 23, 2024
Everesting & Fade-Out

The sun comes up and you get a real energy boost that makes the next climbs easier. But your head keeps trying to make you stop. Can you manage to keep running anyway?

Give everything, even your last reserves of strength! This will take you further than you ever thought possible!

After 36 hours the time is up. At the Fade-Out at the Hotel Walliserhof, we celebrate an experience together that will be part of your life forever.


Here’s what others are saying about their Everesting experience:

Brandnertal, Austria

The ALPIN8 Everesting takes place in the beautiful Brandnertal in Vorarlberg. The village of Brand is located at the very back of the valley and offers numerous hotels, inns and apartments where you can stay. Surrounded by mountains and wild nature, it goes from here up the mountain!


The trail has it all: 538 meters in altitude over approx. 3.5 kilometers means 17  “crisp” Ascents. Without any major detours through flat terrain, the route goes straight up. This sounds daunting at first – but it is intentional in Everesting: the less power you lose through flat sections, the better!

During the day, much of the route follows a narrow hiking trail along a mountain stream with waterfalls. At night we change to a gravel access road.

Detailed information about the route can be found HERE .


The Palüdbahn of the Bergbahnen Brandnertal runs especially for us 36 hours at a stretch and brings you back down to the valley within 5 minutes after each ascent. You have a few minutes to rest, enjoy the view and mentally prepare for the next uphill.


After each ascent, the ALPIN8 Summit Camp is waiting for you! Rest in the chillout lounge, stock up on snacks and drinks, or use our Blackroll Recovery Zone with fascia rollers and massage guns. With renewed strength we go on!


Have an experience that enriches your life!

At ALPIN8 there are two different categories. You decide which challenge you want to take on.


8848 meters of altitude | 36h

599,00 €


4424 meters of altitude | 20h

499,00 €


Wondering if you’re fit enough to be ready for Everesting in June? Our answer: Yes! You can do it! If you already exercise regularly and are active, you can even achieve an Everesting with just a few weeks’ preparation. The biggest challenge is in the head and not so much in the legs. Learn


what basic fitness is advantageous and how we prepared for our own Everesting.

Quite simply, because we want to give you the best possible experience. We do not compromise on quality and safety and that has its price.

The logistics of ALPIN8 sound trivial at first, but there is more to it than that. This is, for example, the mountain railroad, which is at our disposal for 36 hours at a stretch, food stations with the best products from the region, to a large team that supports you throughout the duration of the event and is ready in case of possible difficulties. But even supposed little things like insurances and high-quality details (like your very own professional photo package) make our event unique.

ALPIN8 lives from a concept that is coherent from front to back and where many small elements make up the big picture. To be able to guarantee this, the Everesting is limited to only 250 participants. Of course, the ticket would be cheaper if we had 1000 participants, but then ALPIN8 would be a mass event.

We are all about a special atmosphere for a very special experience. The limit of only 250 participants and the associated price allows us to offer the quality that will bring you the best possible experience.

The ultimate goal at ALPIN8 may be the summit of Mount Everest, but no matter how far you get, it will always be a great accomplishment! We are sure: No matter how many meters of altitude you manage, it will definitely be more than you have ever managed before in one day. And that’s what it’s all about: Going beyond your supposed limits and unleashing your potential. You can do much more than you think!

The Brand mountain rescue service will be on site with 2 teams and will be there if you need help.

If you can’t continue on the mountain, you can call us and we will send you help. Therefore, it is important that your phone always has enough battery.

You are in the mountains, but always relatively close to civilization. The course itself is only about 3km long and you will always have other participants or people from the event team near you who can support you in case of emergency.

Sure, bring everyone who wants to support you! Seeing your family or friends along the way can bring out hidden reserves of strength!

The area around Brand is beautiful and offers many opportunities to stay a few days longer and make a vacation out of participating in ALPIN8 Everesting. Find out more
how you can spend the days around the event with your friends or family.

Sure! If you know that you want specific snacks or gels, then be sure to bring them yourself.

We provide snacks such as fresh fruit, muesli, bars, sweet and savory sandwiches, nuts and dried fruit, as well as drinks. We also provide you with a hot meal once a day.

If you need anything else, be sure to pack it in your bag for the bag depot. 

Yes, we will send you a packing list in time before the event. Basically you don’t need any special equipment for ALPIN8 Everesting – comfortable shoes and clothes are the most important. Nevertheless, we will send you a packing list with other important things such as headlamp or hiking poles – so you are well prepared and have everything you need with you. 

In Brand there are many Hotels, guesthouses and apartments – including great spa areas for regeneration. Just book yourself (and your family) the overnight stays around the event there. If you are traveling with your camper, there is a campground about 7km from the event location. Camping

(The overnight stay is not included in the ticket).

The event location in Brand (Vorarlberg, Austria) can be reached by car as well as by public transport.

If you come with your own car, the easiest way to get there is via the A14 to Bludenz. From there it goes up to the Brandnertal. At the very end of the valley lies Brand and our event location at the Palüdbahn.

You want to travel by public transport? This is also quite simple. Take a train to Bludenz. From there you can take the 580 bus to “Brand, Palüdbahn” about every two hours. The bus ride takes 29 minutes.


To prepare you for the Everesting challenge, you will receive a training plan from us when you register.

If you register by March 21, 2024, you will receive our 6-month training plan. 

From March 22, 2024, we will send you a 3-month training plan with your registration confirmation. 


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