Rules of participation

Rules of participation

1. event character

8848 meters of altitude in 36 hours. Uphill you go by foot, downhill by gondola. The ALPIN8 event pushes participants to their physical and mental limits. Overcoming these is the goal of the event. Those who manage to rise above themselves define anew what they are capable of.

Each participant is a single starter and must be at least 18 years old.

The point is to complete the course, i.e. there is no timing.

The route runs along gravel roads, meadows and narrow paths where loose stones may lie. Therefore, absolute surefootedness in the terrain is very important.

In the age of the smartphone, almost everyone is familiar with topographic maps and GPS technology. Important: Even without technology, everyone must be able to orient themselves in alpine terrain, even if the weather and visibility are poor.

Each participant guarantees to the organizer his full health fitness for the ALPIN8 event. It is discouraged to compete with pre-existing medical conditions or injuries.

2. catering

There will be refreshment posts along the route. Regardless of this, each participant is responsible for having enough food, especially drinks and snacks or similar, with them at all times. 

3. weather and route

There is no guarantee of good weather. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each participant to bring and use equipment suitable for the weather.

If the safety of the route deteriorates, especially for weather reasons, the organizer can change sections of the route at short notice or replace them with alternative routes. It is also possible for the organizer to pause or cancel the event due to weather or limited operation of the mountain railroad.

4. clothing / equipment

The weather in the mountains can change abruptly. All participants must be appropriately dressed at all times. This means that each participant must always wear clothes suitable for the weather. In cold temperatures, warm clothing must be worn, and in the rain, at least a rain jacket must be worn.

Notwithstanding the above, participants will have the opportunity to store parts of their equipment on the event site. This must be stowed in a bag and marked with your own race number.

Each ascent is 520 meters in altitude. Accordingly, before each ascent, it is necessary to evaluate what equipment must be carried and what can remain on the event site.

It is mandatory for each participant to have the following equipment available (mandatory equipment):

– Closed trail running shoes or hiking boots with tread sole

– Waterproof rain jacket

– Warm clothes (top and long pants or leg warmers)

– Gloves and cap

– Functioning headlamp with spare batteries or accumulator, sufficient for min. 12 hours

– Food packaging labeled with the race number

– Cups for holding drinks at the refreshment points

– Cell phone with stored emergency number for making emergency calls and for logging off in case of premature event termination (cell phone must also work abroad)

Our tip: sunscreen, grease cream against chafing, sunglasses, poles, your own individual additional food and some money.

5. start number

The start number, which is not transferable, will be given to each participant upon presentation of the identity card after confirmed registration and submission of the personally signed liability release declaration at the start (the wording can be downloaded beforehand after registration on the event homepage). The start number must be worn completely visible during the event.

6. briefing / start

The event briefing will take place the day before the start at the event site. Here the organizer will inform the participants about special features of the route. Participation in the briefings is mandatory for all participants.

On the start day, the event begins in the morning with a final briefing. After the start, the participants of the EVERESTING have 36 hours to complete 8848 meters of altitude (or 17 ascents), the participants of the EVERESTYS have 20 hours to complete 4424 meters of altitude (or 9 ascents). No scoring will take place after these time limits have expired.

7. markings of the route

The route will be marked by the organizer (e.g. with chalk spray, signs, route tapes, flags, reflectors, etc.). Unfortunately, markings may be removed by animals or by third parties, may disappear or be obscured for weather reasons (rain, snow, wind, fog, etc.).

Participants must be able to find the running route themselves using a navigation app or paper map.

After the time limit of 36 hours has expired, the organizer’s final runners will once again walk the entire course and inform any participants still on the course that the event is over and that the participants should now dismount immediately; the course will then be closed and the markings on the course will be removed in a timely manner.

8. refreshment points

At ALPIN8 there are 3 refreshment stations along the route: one at the bottom station, one about halfway up the climb and one at the top station.

Drinks, bars, fruit and other snacks are available at each aid station. Hot meals are available for purchase by participants at the Bistro at the valley station during opening hours.

9. medical checkpoints - medical check - triage

Every participant is obliged to pass the medical checkpoint (triage) in the base camp before the start and to follow the instructions of the medical staff. If the organizer or the medical staff notice any abnormalities regarding the mental and/or physical performance, the organizer is entitled to prohibit the participant from starting or to remove the participant from the race. But here you can also get help or advice.

10. time limits

The time limits are 36 hours for the EVERSTING (8848 vertical meters) and 20 hours for the EVERESTY (4424 vertical meters). The organizer is entitled to cancel the event at any time, e.g. due to weather conditions.

11. elimination from the event

The organizer and his staff, in particular the race director, course director, the staff of the control and refreshment points, the medical crew and the final runners, may remove participants from the event at any time.

Should a participant be taken out of the event or drop out or withdraw from the event at their own request, they must immediately sign out from the run with the Medical Crew and return to Basecamp without delay, otherwise a potentially expensive and costly search operation will be initiated at the participant’s expense. The phone number of the medical crew will be given to the participants at the briefing.

12. disqualification

In case of violations of these participation rules as well as in case of unsportsmanlike conduct (e.g. obstruction of other participants or similar), the organizer is entitled to disqualify the participant concerned at any time. In this case the entry fee will not be refunded.

13. emergency medical care / medical crew

Event site: Health is close to our hearts. The medical service of the Medical Crew can be used at any time by all participants on the event site.

During the course of the event: safety is paramount. Therefore, forces from the Medical Crew and/or public rescue organizations are on standby along the route until the last participant returns to Basecamp. Should a participant experience health problems or emergencies with him/herself or other participants, the participant must contact the Medical Crew immediately (by telephone if necessary). Each participant is obliged to provide first aid.

In nature, there are always unforeseen circumstances that delay immediate assistance. Everyone is challenged here – through personal responsibility and self-discipline. In the best case, the race will end at a checkpoint or aid station.

The Medical Crew may at any time remove participants from the event who, in the opinion of the Medical Crew, are no longer able to complete the event under their own power or at risk of harm or impairment to their health or endangering the assigned course personnel or the Medical Crew.

The Medical Crew is entitled at any time to examine participants medically and to check the compulsory equipment (Clause 4), to transport participants away by the appropriate means of transport or to take them or have them taken by the public rescue service to the nearest suitable hospital if, in the opinion of the Medical Crew, the participant’s condition so requires.

Costs for a deployment of rescue forces ordered by the medical crew or the organizer at their discretion are to be borne by the participant.

The phone number of the Medical Crew will be announced at the event briefing. Each participant has to store the phone number in his own smartphone.


If the medical information hotline is not available, contact the emergency number 112 immediately.

14. doping

Any case of doping will result in immediate disqualification of the corresponding participant. In particular, intravenous infusions are prohibited without a medical exemption, even in cases of exercise-induced dehydration.

15. help from outside

Participants may only accept help from third parties (i.e. spectators, their own coaches or other participants) in case of falls, injuries or other emergency situations. Excluded from this is the acceptance of food, drinks or replacement clothing by companions standing along the way, as well as medical assistance.

16. environmental protection and nature conservation

Athletes are not polluters. Therefore: dispose of waste only at the refreshment points and do not intentionally damage nature.

17. the ALPIN8 rules

  1. Each participant takes part in the event at his own risk.
  2. ALPIN8 takes place on private and public roads, forest roads, hiking trails and mountain railroads that are not closed. Participants must at all times abide by the traffic laws of the country in which the event is being held. All participants must follow the instructions of the police and the official track personnel.

  3. Away from the official route, there may be a risk of falling in some places, which is why shortcuts (including “shortcutting” hairpin bends, etc.) or self-chosen path variations are prohibited. All checkpoints must be passed.

  4. If things get confusing or dangerous, please exercise the necessary caution. The organizer may take appropriate additional measures on dangerous sections of the route. However, there is no obligation for the organizer.

  5. Immediately disqualified is anyone who disposes of waste such as food wrappers, bottles or beverage cups in nature instead of at the food stations.

  6. Support vehicles (including bicycles) are prohibited. If escort vehicles are encountered, this will immediately lead to the disqualification of accompanied participants.

  7. Accompanying persons of the participants are strictly forbidden to pollute or damage the track and the surrounding nature. This includes, in particular, spraying or painting the track. In case of violation, this will immediately lead to the disqualification of the participant who was supported or should be supported.

  8. Fixed, mechanical connections between the runners are prohibited for safety reasons.

  9. The rule of consideration, sportsmanship and fairness applies among all participants and teams. Mutual assistance in case of emergency is a matter of course.

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