The route

The trail at ALPIN8 Everesting

At ALPIN8 there are two different routes: one is used during the day and in good light conditions, the other at night and in the dark. The reason for this is that your safety is paramount and we want to provide a climb that is safe and easy to walk even in the dark and when you are tired. 

Both variants are about the same length – they differ only by about 300 meters. What distinguishes the trails is the nature of the surface and the concentration they require. 

The trail in daylight

During the day, the first third of the trail follows the Palüdbach, a mountain stream with cascades and waterfalls. Pretty spectacular and varied! Here there are roots and stones on the path and it requires some concentration.

In the second third, the trail goes straight uphill over a steep meadow. This part is also called the ramp. Steep and strenuous, but here you also overcome many meters of altitude in a short distance. Every step brings you closer to the goal!

After the ramp, the last third is an easy access path (gravel). 

The trail in the dark

At dusk we close the day route and change to our night route. This is only 300 meters longer than the route in daylight, but offers a safe route over a gravel access road in darkness and fatigue.

Start and finish of the night route is exactly the same as during the day. The route is serpentine in the lower part and winds up the mountain.

A steep section follows and then the trail meets the last third of the route, which is used during daylight. So, in the last part, both variants overlap.

Special feature on June 22, 2024: We will have a hundred percent full moon night!

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