6 good reasons why you should do an Everesting

You want to challenge yourself and grow personally? Then you should do an Everesting. Why an Everesting? Here are 6 good reasons – are you ready for the ultimate challenge for your body and your mind?

1. the challenge is intense - and therefore makes you grow especially intensively.

At Everesting you have to climb 8,848 meters – on one and the same mountain and without sleeping longer. The sheer amount of elevation gain will certainly push you to your physical limit. Then there is the mental difficulty of conquering the same climb over and over again. You challenge yourself and learn your limits. In the process, you’ll learn what you’re actually capable of!

2. you experience a feeling of absolute fulfillment.

The successful completion of an Everesting will give you a great sense of accomplishment. You’ll be proud of yourself for pushing yourself to your limits and achieving something incredible.

3. you will remember your everesting all your life.

If you create an Everesting, you experience a feeling of exhaustion and fatigue, but also of happiness and infinite pride. You will never forget this feeling and will always remind yourself of what you are really capable of in difficult situations.

4. improved mental strength

The Everesting Challenge requires you to make a mental effort. You have to defy the voice in your head that keeps trying to make you give up. You have to manage to stay focused and motivated throughout the challenge – and that will improve your overall mental strength.

5. increased self-confidence

If you take the Everesting Challenge and complete it successfully, it will give you a huge boost of confidence. You have proven to yourself that you can push your limits and do something incredible! In the future, this will also help you in your normal life to achieve more than you originally thought you could.

6. everesting is a great way to improve your fitness.

Everesting requires a lot of perseverance and stamina. You must be physically fit to complete the challenge. Preparing for Everesting is a great way to improve your fitness in the long term and in a sustainable way.

Want to do an Everesting of your own?

Then the ALPIN8 event is just right for you! 8848 meters of altitude: uphill on foot, downhill by gondola. An event that will challenge you. Where you will doubt. And ultimately grow personally. You will never forget ALPIN8 for the rest of your life. Because you have learned what is really inside you!

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